Don’t Be Tools For Politicians’ Evils – NYCN President Tells Youths

As Nigerian youths join the rest of the world to mark the 2020 International Youth Day, they have been advised not to avail themselves as tools in the hands of politicians committing evils.

National President of NYCN, Comrade Solomon Adodo, speaking at an event held to mark the occasion in Abuja, insisted that it was time for the Nigerian youth to steer clear from politicians who see evils as the only sources of their political successes.
He tasked the youths to unite and build a new Nigerian economy.
Hear him:
“We are faced with problems as a country, problem of unemployment, problems of insecurity, problems of poverty problems of underdevelopment, and our reaction to all these troubles have been to complain and criticize without commenting constructively to bring solutions.
“Let us have one culture and one political party and that culture that party that religion should be the forward economic voyage of Nigeria and the development of our great country, Nigeria.
“Let us unite to build the new Nigerian economy.”
According to him,
“The NYCN is offering herself, her members and the potentials of the millions of the Nigerian youths, to bring solutions to these problems that plague the nation.”
He said:
“We have potentials that have remained fallow and wasted while we languished in all of these challenges.
“Mr. President has promised to lift about a hundred million Nigerians out of poverty. I recall at the dawn of this year I was on a live TV interview and I was asked the optimism expressed by Mr. President is it realistic and I say it is even more than realistic.
“There are millions of jobs all around us, there is so much wealth and the National Youth Council of Nigeria will create these jobs.
“We are thankful that the government is giving us visas of opportunities through various policies programs and projects.
“I want to charge all Nigerian youths today, August 12th, 2020, International Youth Day, let us rise as one, let us look beyond the challenges and the problems, let us not be tools in the hands of politicians whose only penchant is to see how to bring the government down.”
“If you bring the government down, you have brought the nation down. Let us see how we can contribute our quota to measure development.
Let us put aside ethnic differences, let us put aside political differences, let us put aside religious differences.”

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