Buhari, Atiku Not Options For Nigerians – Junaid Mohammed

A Second Republic lawmaker, Junaid Mohammed has described President Muhammadu Buhari as a mistake.

In an interview with us, Mohammed insisted that Nigerians made a mistake by voting Buhari.

He added that electing Abubakar would be another mistake.

Mohammed made the remark while rubbishing claims that the chances in 2019 narrows down to Buhari and Abubakar.

He stressed that Nigerians shouldn’t vote if the chances narrows down to the two, adding that they should be allowed to make their choice in 2019.

The medical doctor turned politician said: “I can’t choose between Buhari and Atiku because none of them stand for what I represent in politics and I have been in this business for over forty years.

“Secondly, I believe the people of this country have the right to choose and I also believe they deserve something better which at the end of the day they would be happy about.

“They have already made mistake by electing Buhari and electing Atiku would be another mistake for which only God knows if Nigeria can handle.

“I believe in an election with a choice and if what we are going to have in 2019 melts down to Atiku and Buhari then it’s an election without choice.

“There is this tendency among Nigerians which is very sinical and I do not approve of which is ‘we know that Buhari has failed but the context between him and Atiku is that of evil and lesser evil’.

“I don’t believe in a choice of evil and lesser evil, if you have to make a choice between evils stay home and the next step will definitely follow.”

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