PDP Has Confirmed That Their Governors Have Deserted Them — Festus Keyamo  

I am not saying I am confirming or not confirming what they are saying, I am only saying that by making such allegation, they are destroying their party and shooting themselves in the foot.

It appears that they are throwing in the towel already before the election. By making such allegation, they are telling the world that their governors have deserted them.

They are confirming that they no longer enjoy the support of their governors because governors are the pillars of a party and governors are supposed to be the most loyal pillars of the party. If they are telling the world now, whether the reasons are genuine or not, that they no longer enjoy the support of their governors, I think the honourable thing they should is to throw in the towel before the February 2019 elections.

We have extreme desperation on the part of the PDP. They are jittery, they are threatened, they are panicky and they are running from pillar to post. It appears to us that their campaign has completely collapsed and it is unfortunate that we do not want to run a one-sided campaign.

As it is now, we have seen that this campaign is one-sided in the sense that Nigerians are mocking the PDP and are no longer taking them serious. They have made things too easy for President Buhari to go into this campaign because we are just preaching performance and Nigerians are buying the message.

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