Top Nigerian Soldier Fighting Boko Haram Dies In Accident

A man identified as Ikechukwu took to Facebook to share the story of a soldier fighting Boko Haram who died in accident. According to him,the deceased has been pivotal in the battle against Boko Haram since 2015.

He wrote:-

‘Our grief: Capt Jonathan Polit (1973-2018)

All the times I have visited Jos in the past have been on occasions of joy and celebration. If not a wedding, then my wife and I simply went for ‘yawo’ or ‘flenjor’ or we went to ‘jollof’.

But yesterday, we entered Jos with tears. My wife is a naturally happpy person (her exuberant happiness even sometimes irritates me cos I will be like ‘why is this one just happying upandan’) and seeing her in tears simply tore me up. I wept from grief and wept because of everything.

We lost Capt. Jonathan Polit, gallant infantry officer of the Nigeria Army, war veteran, terror of terrorists. And my wife’s elder brother. He died in a motor accident close to his home in Jos.

I can’t describe how we felt when the news came on Thursday. Shock is an understatement. Disbelief doesn’t describe it. Grief is a mild word. We were totally devastated.

Capt Jonathan Polit (everyone called him Jona) served as a peacekeeper in Sudan and on return, was drafted to the theatre of war in the North East. For three years he served Nigeria fighting Boko Haram, was wounded, recovered and returned to the battlefront. He was one of those crack infantry units who retook Baga and Konduga from Boko Haram in very heavy fighting in the 6wks of election postponement in 2015.

He was later rotated out of Lafiya Dole to the Nigeria Army School of Infantry, Jaji where he served till his death.

When he was wounded around 2016 or so and came to Abuja with a POP cast on his leg, he visited often and we gisted extensively. I saw some video clips and pictures of the battlefield and got real firsthand info on conditions there, information which of course I can’t let out but which helped shape my mindset about the gallantry of the fighting men of the Nigeria Army. Those guys are heroes, I tell you. If you have an idea what they face…

Now we have lost a hero but God knows best. My father-in-law, a retired war veteran himself who served many years in ECOMOG in Liberia and Sierra Leone, seems solid in his conviction that God gave him Jona and God has taken him. He has even been consolatory towards us younger ones who have been weeping uncontrollably.

It’s really sad but I thank God that a certain prophecy came a few weeks before his demise which served to put him on the righteous path. I thank God that though death thought it struck us a blow, we are consoled that Jona is with God.

Rest in peace, bros! Rest in perfect peace. We will meet yonder at God’s feet. Goodnight!

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