Watch The Special Way This Woman Used In Stealing Diamond Rings (Photos)

A woman was filmed swallowing a diamond ring in a bizarre attempt to steal it without the jeweller noticing. The woman, who police have named by her initials M.A., was caught on CCTV using a bottle of water to wash the five-stone diamond ring down her throat.

M.A had asked Istanbul jeweller Mehmet Erdogan to remove the ring from the locked glass case so she could get a closer look. She reportedly first tried slipping the ring in her pocket but Mr Erdogan noticed it was missing and asked if she had taken it.

She then took out a bottle of water from her bag, slipped the ring into her mouth and then washed it down with a drink. Mr Erdogan, realising the ring was still missing, checked the CCTV footage and called the police while she was still in the shop.

Police took the woman to hospital where an x-confirmed the ring was in her stomach. M.A. was later taken to a police station where she was charged with theft. She was released on bail even though the ring was still inside her.

Cops say the woman will either have to return the ring to the shop, once nature takes its course, or pay for it. She will also face a fine or jail sentence.

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