The North Never Told Us They Do Not Like Suffering And Poverty – Fani Kayode Blast Northerners

Some are cut out for the suffering and do not care about it. The North never told us they do not like suffering and poverty.

All they want is power. I spoke to a Hausa Fulani friend of mine last night who spoke what he described as some truths to me.

He said you Igbos have commerce and industry. Your people travel all over the world, many send money back to their parents and their communities, from their diasporan jobs.

The South West has commerce also, education, thriving airports and Seaports.

The Middle belt has agriculture and Food, and we accommodate them by giving them jobs.

So we must leave power to them in the North. That Power, is all they have to survive on. That whether you guys leave power for us or not, we have designed a foolproof means to take power and hold on to it till 2031. He said that power to the North is not a desire or want, but a genuine need for the survival of the Northerner. That in the next 48hrs, I will see what will happen, and how easily Buhari will be declared winner. I said impossible. He said just watch.

He told me that the North suffered while Obasanjo and Jonathan were in power. He said OBJ retired all their Generals. OBJ gave the ministry of Finance to a Southerner for the first time, that Jonathan did same. That if not for El Rufai and Ribadu putting their foot down in 2007, that Obasanjo was almost going to hand power over to a Southerner in the name of Peter Odili. He said that that singular move by El Rufai and Ribadu will make one of them President after Buhari in 2023.

He said the North will never go back to playing second fiddle. Their experience from 1999 to 2015 is not one they will forget in a while. That the North loves Buhari, because he gives all his appointments to Northerners. That whenever a northerner is in charge of a sector, they recruit and promote northerners, and it’s effects last for more than 20yrs, and help their people survive, which is why they love and admire Buhari’s approach to appointments.

He went on to say that Atiku is from an unrecognized Adamawa State and is almost a Kanuri. That him and his restructuring agenda will never be allowed to rule. That he knows it, and all the North know it, which is why the elections in the North are peaceful and there is no fighting, thuggery and killing. That the North know that Atiku’s policies will advance the South and send the North into deep poverty, not on purpose, but by sharing the power, so they will not let him on board. That PDP shot themselves in the foot by choosing Atiku. A man from the Northwest, Tambuwal or Kwankwaso would have done it, and kept power in the North for them, but Atiku is far too exposed.

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