Bishop Oyedepo Gets Bitter Over Killing Of Living Faith Pastor In Kaduna State

Bishop David Oyedepo, founder of Living Faith Church, has reacted to the recent killing of a Living Faith Church pastor, Jeremiah Omolara, by unknown gunmen.

NAIJALOADED had reported that Omolara, a resident pastor of the Living Faith Church in Romi New Extension, a suburb of Kaduna metropolis, was killed by yet-to-be-identified gunmen.

The incident happened along the dreaded Kaduna-Abuja road when the pastor, his spouse and son were travelling to Abuja, and saw Omolara’s wife being abducted.

However, the son was said to have escaped unhurt.

But speaking during Day 2 of the church’s Week of Spiritual Emphasis on Thursday, Oyedepo released curses on the killers and their generations.

He said,

“Just last Sunday night for those of us who may have heard the news, one of our pastors was hacked down by Fulani herdsmen from Abuja to Kaduna.

“I want you to know, that it’s the last they will do (Amen) because I am going to lead you now to release curse of God upon his assailants and all their backers.

“Except I am not sent, their end has come. This evil system will crash. And I am speaking as a Prophet, not as a pastor, like somebody walking on the street.

“This evil system that has no value for life, this wicked system – Fulani demons, In the name of Jesus, their end has come.

”It is not by force that we live together, nobody has enough stake than me in this nation.

”Holy ghost release your curse on this wicked meh, they just crossed the red line.

“Cursed be these wicked men, cursed be their generations, cursed be their sponsors in the name of Jesus, Any authority or personality backing them their generation is cursed.

”In the name of Jesus whose I am and whom I serve, every gang up responsible for sponsoring these men, I curse your root forever. Everybody stand up and release the curse of God, the curse of the lord and the Curse of the Jesus upon these wicked men.

“Cursed be these Fulani herdsmen, cursed be their generations, cursed be their sponsors in the name of Jesus. In the name of Jesus Christ, we have cursed,”

He added.

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