Reject Bad Leadership, Sowore Tells Community Leaders

The National Chairman of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore, on Tuesday, met with leaders of Nigerian ethnic groups in Lagos where he condemned the approach of Nigerian leaders to governance.

Sowore said Nigeria was set up and run as a business with the profit going to a few hands while millions of Nigerians wallow in poverty.

He expressed concerns over the lack of sociopolitical and economic justice in the country.

He said, “I’ve been in America for 20 years, so nobody should preach life or enjoyment to me. There’s nothing there, the place to be is Nigeria, but we’re running away because this country is uncomfortable for everyone no matter the ethnicity. There is no respect for our dignity as a people, and for you to get back your dignity, you have to do as they’re doing in Hong Kong, Algeria, Tunisia, and Puerto Rico.

“Nigeria was set up as a business by the British through the Niger Company. It was set up as if it’s supposed to be Shoprite for the British.

Nigeria never had the opportunity to become a nation, it’s still been run as a business, that’s why some people would tell you that they own oil blocks and groundnut pyramids; the problem is that every Nigerian have been commoditized, and they’re trading us in the market of impunity.

“Stop allowing these people to choose our enemies for us, let’s focus on the enemy we know, and not the enemies you don’t know.”

While telling Nigerians to embrace revolution to things around, he urged lovers of democracy and progress to join the ‘Coalition for Revolution’ rallies scheduled to begin on August 5.

He urged Nigerians to come out in mass and shut down the system which he said had failed the people.

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