Shocking News!! Tonto Dikeh Deletes Treath Message Sent To Her By An Hire Killer

Tonto Dikeh has deleted the threatening email sent to her by a man, who told her he had been sent to kill her.

The mail disappeared from the 34 year-old actress’s Instagram account on Sunday night.

She didn’t indicate to her over 4.7million fans why she removed it.

Tonto had raised an alarm about the ‘talkative’ hitman, a couple of days ago.

The would-be assassin asked for ‘0.5bitcoin’ payoff to avoid killing her. He said she had two more days to live, in the letter dated 22 July.

The artiste has apparently discounted the note as a scammer’s work since she is still alive after the two-day deadline.

Tonto had threatened the hitman herself when she wrote:This assassin talks way too much…But you can be sure of ONE THING I will get you…

#I promise you this will be your last email #I will get you and make you pay for stressing me by reading this shit”, tagging @nigerianpolice @aishambuhari @muhammadubuhari.

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