SO SAD!! Nigeria Police Demands 10k For Them To Release Graphics Designer , King Lana (Read What Happen To The Innocent Boy)

This actually happened on Wednesday 7th August 2019.
The Ibadan based entertainer & graphics designer was on his way to school, when the police men stopped him along Ikolaba / Bodija road @ ibadan.
Read What He Said below;
I was arrested today by Nigerian Police on my way to school this happen along Ikolaba / Bodija road.
I was on a bike when they stopped us they ask me what I do for a living, I told them am a graphic designer & I
i'm also a student of University of Ibadan which I tendered my ID Card to defend myself...

The police searched my bag and phone I have no illegal items with me coz I do legit business nest thing I heard from the police is that have I registered my company? which I said no Immediately he said am under arrest for designing artwork or graphics for many people's without any registration fee that i'm going to pay them 10k for designing without registration no.
He said am a big boy with the way I dress up so 10k is the last price he could collect for them to release me he gave me his account number the I should transfer money to the account..

You can also watch the video clip below;

Fellow nigeria please this one wick me ooo am i a yahoo boy...?
I told them am a student who is just surviving on my own but them no day gree here me out please help me share this post so it can goes viral Sir , Ma I will appreciate that if you can help me with that.....

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