LET TALK!! Should Rapists And Kidnappers Be Given Death Penalty Or Just Jail Term?


Rape is a severely traumatic experience that affects women and girls. It is often associated with psychological, physical, social distress as a result in fatality either from shock, severe injury or murder by the rapist.

Reports say only 2 of 40 cases of rape are reported because victims don’t want to report because to stigmatization amongst other reasons.

Rape is non-consensual sexual intercourse. When a man has sex with a woman without her consent, then it’s a Rape.

Most child sexual abuse is by men, the child’s relatives – brothers, fathers, uncles or cousins or other acquaintances such as ‘friends’ of the family, babysitters, or neighbors.


Kidnapping on the other hands has remained one of the most harmful crimes in Nigeria. Many lives have been lost to this menace.

Nigeria has one of the world’s highest rates of kidnap-for-ransom cases, and recently a Police boss was kidnapped and paid a ransom before he was set free.


A lot of people have expressed their opinions on how to stop these serious and dangerous crimes of Rape and Kidnapping in our society, it’s getting too much.

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