REVEALED!!! See How The Fresh 2019 Xenophobic Attacks Began

This week has been full of scary NEWS around the continent.

XENOPHOBIA has taken over again in South Africa as the country nationals have been brutalizing Other African Nationals with Nigerians being the main victims.

Police have arrested hundreds of South Africans and foreign nationals leaving the foreigners with 2 options:- Rebuild or take the free flight ticket back to Nigeria.

Across our borders, however, the situation is a bit different. On Wednesday, videos showing South African businesses being attacked by Zambian and Nigerian locals, in their respective countries, went viral.

South African businesses in Nigeria have yet to report the extent of the damage and financial loss that they suffered in the attacks. Unfortunately for us, there have been no reports of fatalities or injured South Africans at all as they have injured many Nigerians.

However, a lot of us has been in the dark as regards the cause of this fresh xenophobic attack but we are all just fighting for the same course.

We have brought you video of a man who has shed more light to the issue and how it started.

The First video was where the man said the cause of the fresh xenophobic attack. He said a taxi driver was killed by some drug dealers but people believed its a Nigerian who killed him whereas its not.

He said it’s probably a Tanzanian that killed the taxi driver but the whole world would be made to believe it is Nigerians that killed him.

He then continued on how to get the drug dealers saying, he know the whole people knows that though Nigerians do bad thing but they don’t involve in most of the killings.

He said if he takes us to about 5 to 10 places where drug is being sold, you will realize that you might not find a Nigerian among them. He then talks on how to get the drug dealers

The man talks about joining the protest slated to hold on Sunday by Nigerians and how he will beg people to fund him. He said Nigerians are good people, they give them cloths and food, and even money and he is surely going to get someone to help fund him back home.

Finally, he proffered what he thinks is the best solution to the whole problem and how he thinks it can easily be solved.

So Guys we hope you enjoy seeing the video and hope this helps calm us a bit.

However, we have some questions for you below

Do You Think The Whole World Hate And Envy Us Because Of What We Are Capable Of Doing?

Do You Think The Real Xenophobic Attack Is Aimed At Us Considering What This Man Said?

What DO You Think Is The Best Solution To The Problem?

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