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Hello Fellow Naijaloadites,
I got a quit notice in September (my rent expired 31-10-2019) and I am supposed to vacate the room and palour self contain by march 2019.
Today, my landlord called me and said why have I not come to make enquiry as to why I got the letter.
I told him I know the letter was from a genuine lawyer and I decided not bother in asking him why because I know why .
The reason is not far-fetched from the fact that I quarreled with him twice because of disconnected electricity supply for four days when I was not owing him. I actually fought with him for good two days.
I dared him and his generation not to fix the light until I come back from office. The first I did, he didn’t reconnect the light but he reconnected the second time .
The light was disconnected because some tenants who occupied other SCs didn’t pay theirs. I actually told him to pay and disconnect others who have not paid because I am tired of this kind of monthly occurrence. Somebody like me pay very early. Then, he should have a way as a landlord of getting his money when he pays for everybody instead of every month disconnection.
To cut the story short, he said he has my type as son and there is no way such disagreement will not come to play. He said he didn’t actually mean it that he was only threatening me.
He said he asked for the letter to be written to me by his lawyer and then he has the right to withdraw the letter too. (I think he needs money and the man is thinking March ending is too long to get another rent for the SC)
He asked me when I am paying the rent. The rent is actually #140k but I told him I will try and credit him #100,000 first. When he dropped the call, I called my wife and explained what happened to her.
She let me realize the man is trying to get the six month rent for the quit notice period of six months he gave us. She said we should not play into his hands. I actually remebered the man told me on phone that if I don’t have the whole #140k now, I can pay half which is #70,000. This is where I discovered what my wife said might be true .
We are actually trying to leave the house before or by March ending as the notice read before this call.
I hope this man is not trying to play smart though I know we are to pay for the six months of the notice but I don’t plan to give him until I am ready to pack.
Should I involve his lawyer because his contacts are written in the letter he gave me ?
Is my landlord real ? Is he trying to play smart to get money for the notice period early? Should I credit him the #100,000? What if he returns #30,000 and claim I only pay for the notice and he keeps dragging issue with me that the notice still hold? I can’t afford to loose my #70,000 just like that because the money is for the new accommodation I am looking forward to get? Can I ask him to withdraw the letter first (may be in his wife and my wife presence )?
Lest I forget, my landlord extorts a lot. That’s his hobby.