Enough Is Enough! Police Brutality On IPOB Should Stop – Prettyloadite Cries Out

Today, one cannot find a policeman in uniform in a 100km radius of Chibok. They dare not wear uniform anywhere within 100km of bokoharam circle of influence.

The consequences are dire. The assassination of Mohammed Yussuf has resulted in a wholesale operational strategy and tactics for our security forces.

Their brutality and bullying of Yussuf followers was retaliated with a more hellish violence and thirst for blood of uniformed service men.

If the followers of Yussuf had responded timidly as IPOB has been doing police would have the upper hand and their bullying of bokoharam would have continued. Bokoharam is the bully today!

Police dare not go in their territory to effect arrest of a lawyer, nobody in the arrest team would return alive.

Incrementally, police have perfected their traditional foolishness again and as they did with Yussuf, they are about to repeat with ipob.

Enough of bullying and brutalizing Igbos over their choosen path to destiny.

Many non-Easterner, non-Igbo, people, myself included, are starting to see justification in ipob’s new resolve to protect and preserve itself from the persecution and denial of liberty to live.

Enough is enough! No more police brutality on IPOB….or Igbos generally!

Fulani herdsmen have destroyed livelihood in Katsina and Sokoto, made Kaduna and Kebbi unsecured and unsafe.

These are four states with security problems and Fulani herdsmen are direct cause. What has police done to control them?

Can you even go in their enclave to make an arrest?

That would be a suicide mission. If herdsmen are untouchable, ipob should be untouchable.

They are both under same law and what applies to one should apply to the other.

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