My Woman Gets Angry Unnecessarily, What Should I Do?

I just need a little advice from you all. No insults please and don’t mind my English.

So we planned to meet today again. Though we’ve being meeting before.

She came all the way from ondo to Akure. So when she got there, she called and I told her she just have to wait for me because it’s very hard to see motorcycle at this time of Christmas.

She was then patient, so when I finally got there, she said she has being waiting in the sun since. I then explained to her it’s very rare to get a bike this time, she then said okay.

Immediately we got there, I got Something for her, a cold stone, after sometimes, she was then going through my phone, she saw one of my pictures and she asked when I snapped it I showed her the info which was Thursday and her mood just changed and she asked me to get my phone away from her.

I asked her what’s wrong? She didn’t respond. She then said she’s going back to Ondo. I said I wanna give the bike man the TFare she said if I do she’s gonna tear it, saying all sort of things.

I then just have to leave her to go. She embarrassed me there and saying abusing words and that’s how I left her to go.

What do you think I can do about this shit? I’m fed up of her unnecessary angers all the time. We’ve being dating and it’s almost 4 months now.

Genuine advice please. I’d be very grateful.



  1. Whenever she does that just pet her, bring her head close to ur chest and knock her head lol

  2. ladies that get upset very often are very very loyal and at the same time boring and annoying so just try to manage her or if u think u can’t just let her go
    but believe me if you can manage her you won’t regret it but it might not be encouraging during those times u are trying to study her but just be objective and you’ll achieve your goal

  3. Oga that kind girl isn't yours go for another bae


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