Police Abandon My Husband To Die In Hospital After Van Knocked Him Down

A woman, Mrs Asu Ogbonna, has accused the Nigeria police of abandoning her husband in the hospital after he was knocked down by a police van in Bayelsa State.

It was indeed a piteous sight to behold, as the mother of five spoke with her quavering voice and tearful eyes while telling the story of the agonizing life of her husband.

Pointing at her bedridden and dying husband, Mrs Ogbonna said when she protested, the Nigeria Police Force, Bayelsa State Command, initially agreed to take care of the medical bills but later changed their mind when they learnt that he would need N5 million to be flown abroad for brain surgery.

Recounting her ordeal, Mrs. Ogbonna said, “That morning, I left him in the house to Swali market where I trade. Before I left, we talked about plans to raise money for our rent that was to expire in June. So I was in the market when I got a call that my husband was involved in a car accident.

“When I got to the hospital, I found my husband in a bad condition. I thought he was dead. I was told that he was hit by a police van driving against traffic. The police promised to take care of his medical bills but later said they would not give us a dime because it was the state government that sent them on an errand when the incident occurred.

“Since then, they abandoned me and my husband at the hospital. According to the doctors, my husband’s brain is so damaged that he needs to be flown abroad for surgery and that would cost us N5million. Where do I raise that kind of money? As I speak with you, I now sleep under a staircase in the hospital with my five children because our landlord drove us out when we could not pay rent.

“All along, it is only my brother that was supporting me with money to buy drugs to keep my husband alive until we are able to raise money for the surgery. As we speak, my brother has also run out of cash. It is not easy for me and my children. Paying for the life support machine and buying his drugs daily requires lots of money.

“Who do I turn to? What do I do with my life? I have prayed fervently for God’s intervention but it appears my prayer does not get to heaven because our condition gets worse by the day. I don’t even have money to feed myself and my children, let alone paying bills at the hospital. I have gone to the police several times to plead with them but they have continued to turn me down, saying I should take the matter to court.

“Where would I have money to pay lawyers, even if the only way out of my problems is to go to court? Our bill at the hospital right now is about a million naira, and we are expected to raise another N5million for surgery. Meanwhile, the hospital management is on our neck to either pay or move my husband away. I am confused,” She lamented.

On Monday, the 6th day of May, 2019. Mr. Shedrack Ogbonna, a mobile phone repairer, whose dream as a young man was to build a better life for his family was dashed by a fatal accident that damaged part of his brain.

The doctors taking care of him at the Federal Medical Center in Yenagoa, Bayelsa State, told family members that Mr. Ogbonna, who is currently on life support machine, suffered severe brain damage and would need about N5 million to have a chance to live a normal life again.

The predicament of Ogbonna who hails from Okposi Community in Ebonyi State began on May 6th, 2019 after he was knocked down by a police van allegedly driving against traffic near Ekeki Motor Park where he (Ogbonna) repairs mobile phones to erk a living.

Eyewitness account has it that he was crossing over to the other side of the road to buy items he needed to repair a mobile phone belonging to one of his clients when the speeding police van knocked him down.

According to his family, preliminary assessment by doctors revealed that the accident severely fractured his skull and damaged the victim’s left leg and arm.

It was further learnt that the team of policemen in the van, quickly rushed him to the emergency unit of the FMC where it was confirmed that he suffered severe brain damage and later transferred to the intensive care unit where he was abandoned.

When the family made further attempts to make the Police reconsider their decision, the family was asked to go to court, saying they are ready for any legal battle.

Also speaking, the brother-in-law of the accident victim, Mr. Joseph Ngene said;

“My sister’s husband condition is pathetic, that I am short of words to describe it. He was going about his business when a police van driving against traffic knocked him down. If it were a vehicle owned by a private individual, I am sure the police would have done a good job to apprehend the person.

“But in this case, they are involved and they have refused to take responsibilities. When we contacted the police, they said the driver of the van, Mr. Ifeanyi Ikechukwu, was running errand for the state government when the accident occurred, and that for that reason, we should rather approach the state government for support.

“Initially, they were concerned because they came to the hospital once or twice to pay for drugs doctors prescribed but after that, they stopped visiting. I then called the leader of the team that was in the van when it knocked Ogbonna down, one Oscar Jaja, yelled at me saying, I have no right to contact him. What if we think they are wrong, we should go to court that he is ready. We have written a petition to the Commissioner of Police, and a copy of that petition is before him.

“I have made efforts to meet with him one-on-one, and he said the police cannot help us. And because we could not buy drugs that would help keep him strong until we get money to fly him abroad for the surgery, my brother condition is getting worse by the day. To feed him, doctors have to pass food through a pipe to feed him. He has not been able to move any part of his body since they brought him to the hospital.

“As it is now, it is clear that my brother would never live a normal life again, yet the police is asking us to go to court because they know that we don’t have the power and finance to challenge them on the matter. I want to plead with well-meaning Bayelsans and Nigerians to come to our aide.”

When contacted, the Police Public Relations Officer, Bayelsa State Command, Asinim Butswat, simply said that the police is doing its best to support the victim.

He said “the Command has assisted the victim with funds for treatment and it’s not relenting to ensure that the plight of the patient is ameliorated.”

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