104 Years Old Woman Becomes World’s Oldest Person To Survive Coronavirus

A 104-year-old Italian woman who survived the 1918 Spanish Flu has become the world’s oldest person to survive the coronavirus.

Ada Zanusso fell ill at her nursing home in Biella in northern Italy on March 17, eight days after the Government imposed a lockdown on the country.
She was tested positive for Covid-19 after experiencing a relentless bout of vomiting, fever, and difficulty with breathing last month.
Her son Giampiero said:
‘I suspected it was coronavirus because of the number of cases at the care home. They have sadly had a few fatalities there.’
Carla Furno Marchese, Ada’s doctor, added:
‘She is up and about and not lying in bed and she can walk to her chair.
‘She has lost none of her lucidity and intelligence. Her recovery is a great joy for us and a sign of good hope for all that are suffering in these difficult days.’

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