Am Confused! I Made A Very Big Mistake Of My Life

Please pardon me in case of any grammatical error.

My story will be long, pls kindly bear with me and read to the finishing point.
I’m ready to accept any insulting comments, it doesn’t matter to me now.
I’m a 25 years old guy, not really financially buoyant but an average, money never dries in my pocket and back account as a hustler. Am currently still in part-time program in university.
Now let me go straight to the point, here is my story. I started dating one beautiful girl back then in 2014, we were in love until something came up.
There was a time I came home and she visited, that was the beginning of our separation, my mother warned me to stay away from her that she doesn’t like her.
Honestly, I didn’t know how to breakup with her without hurting her because she loved and cared for me so much.
I love my mother so much and I listen to her as well. So, I started to avoid her, reducing my number of calls with her, sometimes when I visited home I won’t tell her.
All these to make her change her mind but all to no avail, I couldn’t tell her what’s up so that she won’t hate my mother and make both of them enemies of each other.
She noticed my unprecedented and unusual behaviors, she asked me what has she done I only told her that I was very busy and concentrating on something.
She later got fade up and started minding her own business because sometimes she would call I won’t pick her calls, so she decided to let me be.
Fast forward to early this year, she went for a business trip and returned, so I decided to pay her a visit because even though we are no longer in love but we are still friends. I was hoping to visit her in her shop but she wasn’t there, she told me to come to her apartment, I went there, we gist and had funs, she started making a move to me and we eventually had an unprotected sex.
I was thinking that she was a big girl and can take care of herself but after one month plus she called me and told me that she was pregnant, I was speechless and couldn’t believe her, she threatened to report the case to my mother if I didn’t show up and proffer solutions, my mind jumped I hurried to her place and she showed me the pregnancy test result, we calculated the months and it was exactly the day I had sex with her, from that day till the month is exactly what was written on the paper.
To cut the story short, I got lost in thought until she waked me from my daydream, I told her straight that I wasn’t ready for that, she should do something about it, so both of us agreed to terminate it, it was done successfully, I wasted much money on that moment but it didn’t bother me.
So, after a while she called me and told me the sudden changes in her business that money disappeared from her hands always. She went home and complained to her dad, her dad suggested they should visit a native doctor to find out what was the problem.
They visited the native doctor and he apparently exposed and told her what she did, that the pregnancy she terminated was the reason behind her misfortune. He listed all the things she will buy for cleansing and the total money involved.
She called me and told me the development and demanded my own contribution (money), at that moment I didn’t really have money to provide and she couldn’t believe me.
Now am afraid if she will angrily exposed me because she told her people that the person that got her the pregnancy is not around he traveled abroad. I haven’t answered her since then because I have been busy thinking about my mistake, regretting the day I visited her, crying had I know.
I returned but I didn’t tell her so she won’t visit me. Right now am having a double mind if I should adhere to what she told me by contributing money for the stuff, but the other hand, am asking for God’s mercy upon my life, so if I should contribute money now it means I will be committing sin upon sin.
I don’t really know what to do now, I told her that I will visit her whenever I return to discuss with her but I haven’t done that.
Presently I have a fiancee am dating now, my mother knows about her and she accepted her as well, also thinking about settling down with her when the time comes. I will hurt and loose her if what I did exposed.
Pls advice me my good people before I commit suicide and end everything, you can insult me if you like, it doesn’t matter to me now, am very desperate human being now.
The native doctor even told her to tell whoever that got her the pregnancy to also do his own cleansing or else he will encounter problems in life.

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