Angry Youths Warn Buhari As 14 Days Nationwide Lockdown Is About To Be Implemented

Nigerian youths are not keeping it cool as we keep staying indoor without the palliative measure promised earlier by the government.

As we are a day away to end the current 14 days lockdown which was announced on the 13th of this month, another 14 days is set to be announced as a means to curb the spread of the coronavirus pandemic.
However, Nigerian youths have voiced out in one word as hunger is dealing bitterly with average citizens.

Read The Letter Written To Buhari On Facebook Below

Mr President of federal republic of Nigeria. This total Nationwide lockdown u are planning with all the states governors should be cancelled. With all this problem here and there u are still planning another lockdown. We Nigeria youth say no to any further lockdown, If COVID-19 and military want to kill us let it be than for hunger and crime to kill us. What provision have u make so far for Nigerians absolute nothing.
On ur next writing speech Mr President make it a press conference.let all ur ministers stand behind u to answer questions from journalist, failure to do, so we are ready to break every single rules of this country. it only bullets I will receive, if u use ur bullet to kill us all I will know who u will be ruling, We are sick and tire of all this. Na crime say Dem born us for this country, person graduate 4m school for many years no job, even little business person dey manage una don close am. See things go worst wella, we go use all politicians for Nigeria do suya.
Youth join us here.
The amazing part of this are the replies to this letter as Facebook users are fully in support of the writer, see replies below.


  1. I an in support of the agitation,why must they in the comfort zone of their homes enjoying themselves and families while an Nigerian on the street to die of hunger, they have refuses to pay us our arrears as ex-corp members and they think we should be happy in this country, they don't know God is watching, they are neglecting the truth

  2. This lockdown of things is not favour will youth at all, because 90% of us are doing labour work perday payment, so if will did not go for work no food for us to eat, after now they said will youth are lazy, did federal government want to turn all of us to thief, please F.G do something about this immediately, because you all are receiving your own salary every month

  3. Let the government not even try to extend the lockdown again.


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