Coronavirus Can Cause Sudden Strokes In Healthy Patients Of Around Age 30 / 40 Years Old – Doctors Report

If you are young especially in the 30s or 40s, please read this.

Doctors in America have noticed some young people mostly those with mild/no symptoms of Coronavirus suddenly develop a stroke. Stroke can cause sudden paralysis and death.
So Covid19 could cause a stroke. This is insane.

How does Coronavirus cause a stroke?

The virus causes blood to clot.
If this clot gets to the brain, it can cause blockage of blood vessels that supply oxygen/nutrients to the brain.
If the brain supply is blocked, the person gets a stroke (which can cause paralysis and death).
What makes this worse is that the young people who have developed stroke in USA from this Coronavirus were healthy and fit young people.
They suddenly developed symptoms of stroke- got to hospital and were tested- only to realise they had Covid19.
This is worrying for doctors.
Doctors already know that the virus causes blood to clot. But how bad it was, we really couldn’t tell.
But clearly, if a blood clot goes to the heart or the lungs- it can cause a heart attack and instant death.
If it goes to the brain, it can cause a stroke.
This virus is crazy.

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