HAPPY SUNDAY!! As Christians, What Do You Miss Most About Sunday Church Service In This Lockdown Period?

Happy Sunday to you all.
Trust you all are staying safe and praying to God that He should set the world free from Covid-19.
If I am not mistaken, this particular Sunday will be the third Sunday in the lockdown period where all Christians are forced to worship in doors to prevent the spread of the virus.
As Christians who attend church regularly, you must have missed something about the real church service because an online service can’t be as interesting as real-life Church service.


  1. Drumming and roles I play in the church, my church members and the pastorate

  2. I would miss everything about the service, because all activities are for the perfecting of the saint

  3. I miss being a church drummer pls I want you guys to check on my Instagram page and follow up I’ll follow you back Ballerz realm On IG

  4. To be sincere what I miss is the worship session..the way the choir takes those solemn worship songs and the drummer beat life gently into it and the whole members are in d mood and spirit of worship I miss this so much

  5. Yes, I really do miss Sunday service; it feels like decades since I’ve last been in the presence of God within the four walls of a church building and dance happily like David to the drumming ecstasy of intense praise and worship.

    But since not going to church due to the Coronavirus pandemic is for the safety and benefit of all, what can we do but pray that Intervention comes and everything is restored back to normalcy.

  6. I miss praise and worship session where people display madness in the presence of God

  7. I actually miss the whole service, but you see that section called praise and worship?? That session when you can scatter body with dance and fall on the floor in adoration?? Yea … that’s what i miss the most…PRAISE AND WORSHIP…

  8. What I miss so much about church in this pandemic is the time for the word of God which is the sermon.because this is the time God communicate with us through his mouth piece.if the sermon those not correct or rebuke you then is just an entertainment.even the Bible said he exalt his word more than his name.and the greatest time or moment in the church service is the time for his word which is the “sermon”.

  9. I miss our Sunday school services and I also miss the praise and worship we do. Coz I attend Redeemed Christian church of God. I’d also miss the congregation as a whole too. Those guys are vibes.

  10. I miss a lot actually
    One. Having to worship God in such a wonderful atmosphere of thanksgiving with an in depth feeling that you are doing it with other christians.
    Two. I miss sermon, the teaching and preaching about God and His Word. Having to open the Bible and study.
    Three. I miss praising God and dancing to his glory.
    Can’t wait for the virus to be over

  11. Since am an Usher I miss offering time,blessing time because of those ladies that use to form big girl on street and campus,when am collecting d offering nah their hand I dey look walahi,I miss going to church generally though

  12. I miss the Thanksgiving time.sumtys we can av 3 Thanksgiving u will so dance till u 4get ur sorrow.sumtyms even uptil 5 vocalist could sing. Lockdown plz cum n go I miss church. As if I just want 2 b in church u can’t compare it with this indoor prayers

  13. There is more blessings in gathering together to worship God. I have miss congregational service with my church members, i don’t even see some again.

  14. I attended CAC
    Funny enough I miss the action women put in when praying…
    The way they act,the action they put in…LOL..
    They shouting and all…
    The dancing steps a lot of people in the church pull…
    On beat and of beat steps…
    Most especially when a deliverance song is being rendered…
    You’ll think heaven wants to come down….I really miss tha


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