NICE ONE: Police Rescued A Little Boy Who Was Wrongfully Accused Of Being A Spy In Lagos

Officers of the Rapid Response Squad, Lagos state police command on Monday April 13th, rescued a 12-year-old boy from being mobbed after he was falsely accused of being a spy.

According to a post by the Rapid Response Squad, some residents of Iju in Lagos state, accosted the teenager who was loitering in the area and accused him of working as a spy for members of the Awawa boys cult group alleged to have carried out various attacks in the area since the lockown began.
RRS said before they could lynch the boy, a patrol team got to the scene and rescued the teenager from their grip. He was interrogated and he explained that he was on the street because he fled his home after a disagreement with his mother.
Our officers on patrol along Iju came across this 12yr old boy who residents suspected to be a spy for the Awawa boys. They interviewed him n realised he ran away from home after a misunderstanding with his mom.
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