WAWU!! World’s Longest Animal Was Found In The Indian Ocean

Scientists of the Western Australian Museum discovered a new species, which is now the longest organism ever found.

The discovery was made aboard the Schmidt Ocean Institute, and identified the new creature while exploring the Abyssal Deep Sea Canyons off Ningaloo.
The critter in question is a new type of Apolemia siphonophore, which is a species of gelatinous string that can grow to incredible lengths.
The organisms have a unique means of reproduction, which is how they get to be as long as they are.
A siphonophore doesn’t grow a single body like most organisms; it clones itself over and over again, thousands of times via several types of specialized clone cells, which are strung together.
The newly-discovered siphonophore measured an estimated 150 feet (ca. 46 m), making it the longest of its species ever found, and the longest single organism known to exist.
Siphonophores are deep-sea creatures that subsist on small crustaceans and fish.
Most are opportunistic feeders, which spread out over large areas with stinging tentacles, so passers-by can be captured and slowly digested.
The newly identified species spreads itself out into what is described as a “UFO-like feeding posture.

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