AH!! Woman Allegedly Stabs Her Kids After A Fight With Her Own Mother

A woman has been rushed to the hospital after she killed her children and tried to stab herself after a fight with her mother.

A 24-year-old Kenyan woman, Winfred Nduku allegedly stabbed her two children, aged 2 and 6, to death, before attempting suicide after a fight with her own mother.
A police spokesperson at the Kayole Police Station confirmed the tragic incident to Kenyans.co.ke, adding that Nduku was recuperating at Mama Lucy Hospital.
The spokesperson said the sad incident was reportedly triggered by an altercation between Nduku and her mother who she lives with.
Narrating the incident, Nduku’s mother, Josephine Wambua tearfully said: “She was seated right there playing on her phone when I asked her to first tend to the children and saw to it that they at least eat something, then she could get back to her phone.
“She kept on playing with her phone. I threw a cup of water at her and repeated my initial statement. She then threatened that she could kill her children and grabbed a knife and did it,” she added
After stabbing the children, Ms. Nduku allegedly attempted to stab her mother but could only manage to inflict some cuts on her right hand as they struggled before she was then overpowered and thrown out of the house.
The suspect also attempted to kill herself with the same knife, with her mother saying her daughter stabbed herself in the stomach but was quickly rushed to the hospital alongside her two children who both were pronounced dead on arrival.
Nairobi Police commander Philip Ndolo said Nduku was admitted to Mama Lucy Hospital for treatment and will face criminal charges once discharged.

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