Buhari Call Tyrant Wike To Order – Nigerians Reacts To Demolition Of Prodest Hotel In Eleme

Governor Wike Nyesom of Rivers state has come under attack for the demolition of Prodest (Prudent) hotel at Alode in Eleme Local Government Area of the state.
The hotel was demolished for flouting the lockdown order of the state government on the closure of hotels.
Wike was present at the location as the hotel was demolished.
His action has led to reactions from Nigerians accusing him of overexercising his powers.
Some called on the President Muhammadu Buhari to immediately call Wike to order.
Here are some comments gathered by us from Twitter:
@Princewene “This is not legal. It’s a shame.”
@OpeoluwaOla “This is not good at all, Gov. Wike should stop this illegality.”
@MrFamade “Why not seize the building and use it as an isolation centre till the pandemic is over.”
@Chie_yine_Nonso “Buhari please call tyrant Wike to order.”
@PhilOsaro “Now Wike is the real man of war. I think he is over-exercising his powers if there is anything like that. Personally supervising the demolition of Prudent Hotel Eleme LGA, Rivers State which is not under lockdown.”
@ManlikePlumo “They had better get a good lawyer because it’s a straight win which law is backing this act of his? Building agency didn’t demolish the building, the Governor demolished it because they broke the law.”
@IamBzaqua “Take Wike to the psychiatric hospital now before it is too late.”
@Purebreed “This is getting out of hand. Somebody needs to stop Emperor Wike before things escalate further, it’s not funny anymore.”
@Tiverre11 “The government in other parts of the world are ensuring that their citizens come out on top of this pandemic. Nigerian rulers are dragging citizens straight into poverty.”
@Ck_chukz “For those against this move, let me ask; is there any law backing one’s arrest when the Federal Government declares curfew at a particular time and you’re caught within that time? An order is an order. Wike made it very clear the penalty of disobeying his order. It’s an executive order.”

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