Church Have To Remain Careful, Calm – Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Sam Adeyemi, senior pastor of the Daystar Christian Centre has called on Christians to remain calm and hold on as church activities become impossible following the ban on social and religious gathering.
Speaking during an Instagram live interview tagged “iforowero” with BBC News Yoruba, he added that the current situation is not peculiar to churches alone but all other aspects of life. He also called on Christians to remain calm as the ban on religious houses is a worldwide thing.
“This is a worldwide issue, pastors are clamouring for the reopening of churches”. While giving an illustration of how a church in South Korea got affected by the outbreak, he said, “the church members were badly hit by this infectious disease and the pastor had to go about seeking for forgiveness.”
“Even if there is going to social distancing in our churches, how many service are we going to hold? Looking at the differences between churches with big number of members, we have to be careful and remain calm because there is no vaccine yet… As a preacher, I travel all around, but I have remained indoor with my family.”
“Also, with the way things are going, many church members are even displeased with their churches for forsaking them during this period and not taking care of them in their own little way, it might come back to haunt some of these churches”

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