Considering The Number Of People That Died During Biafra War, Was Ojukwu A Hero?

Nigerian civil war is a history we never want to repeat again

We all know the Biafran war between the years 1967 to 1970 was born out of the zeal to divide Nigeria by some group of Igbo leaders.
The Biafran Ideology was spearheaded by Major General Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, a well trained Nigerian military personnel who felt the Igbos are marginalized in Nigeria and started spreading the Biafran propaganda which led to civil war.
Ojukwu led the entire Igbo nation to war against Nigeria in a bid to get Igbos detached from Nigeria. The battle was a lost cause for the Igbos.
This war brought about deaths of many Igbos, even youths and children who never held guns in their lives were picked up forcefully to engage in battle.
At the end of the battle, Major General Ojukwu fled to Ivory Coast and eventually abandoned his people after everything they went through.
Millions of civilians Igbo people died during the period the Nigerian Government stopped food supplies into Biafran Region.
If Ojukwu had waited to die honorably in the battle to liberate the Igbos, it wouldn’t have been contestable that he is a true hero.
Some Nigerians have declared Igbos who died during the Biafran War as the true heroes of Biafra, not the runaway General Ojukwu.
The Igbos who died in the war front laid down their lives genuinely for Biafra. Salutes To All Fallen Biafran Soldiers.
The Biafran war which took about 30 Months recorded over 100,000 military deaths and over 2 million people were displaced.
The war only caused more pains and agony to the Igbo people, Ojukwu failed eventually to liberate the Igbos and fled after, how then is he a hero?

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