Despite Low Testing, Nigeria Ranks Third Place In COVID-19 Cases In Africa

Data from John Hopkins University, Africa CDC and Worldometer, indicate that the level of community transmission of Coronavirus in Nigeria was above double digit percentage.

The country had identified 9,302 cases from 58,726 tested samples – a ratio of 15.8 per cent.
Based on the number of positive cases confirmed, Nigeria is a distant third behind South Africa and Egypt, who have conducted more tests.
Comparing the data on total number of confirmed cases versus total number of samples tested across South Africa, Egypt, Morocco, Ghana and Kenya, all of whom have tested more samples than Nigeria, SaharaReporters found that only Egypt – 16.4 per cent, had a higher ratio of cases confirmed in relation to tests done.
All the other countries had single digit percentage rates.
Egypt, the highest, has recorded 22,082 confirmed cases from 135,000 cases, Nigeria has recorded 9,302 cases from 58,726 tests, while South Africa has discovered 29,240 from 689,175 tested samples – a ratio of 4.24 per cent.
Morocco which has 7,714 cases, have done 190,061 tests – 4.1 per cent, Ghana has recorded 7,616 cases from 208,328 tested samples – 3.7 per cent and the lowest Kenya said it had found 1,745 cases from 74,003 tested samples –2.4 per cent.
Generally, the rate of recovery on the continent has also increased percentage wise, from 40.7 per cent on Monday to 42 per cent on Saturday.
The continent now has 56,401 recovered cases.
On the other hand, there are 75,051 active cases in the country, a ratio of 55 per cent when compared to the total number of cases.
This means the 3,923 confirmed deaths make up three per cent of the total infected persons.

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