I Have Two Men Who Want To Marry Me, How Do I Choose?

Hey guys, so a little background story. I’m 25, finished school quite early (schooled abroad), and got a good head start.

I am pretty comfortable, I have a good job with a great growth trajectory.
So really, I’m focused on my career right now and not particularly interested in starting a family soon.
So here’s the real story.
I have two male friends who have shown interest in marrying me.
They are both doing very well and from equally good backgrounds.
I initially wasn’t interested in marriage (at least for now) but you know friends and family.
I am not in love with any of them or even with anyone at the moment (I am a woman of war lol) but they are both great guys.
So my challenge now that I have decided to be open to marriage is this, how do I choose?
Should I even listen to the advice of friends and family to open up to getting married to one of these men or should I just wait till when I feel ready?

What Should I Do?

I need advice and please be nice.

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