LOCKDOWN: We Are Not Resuming Work, COVID-19 Is Real In Abuja Residents

Some Abuja residents have expressed fear over the Monday resumption of work amidst the increasing rate of infection from COVID-19 in the FCT.

Recall that President Muhammadu Buhari had ordered for easing of lockdown in Abuja, Lagos and Ogun States starting from Monday, May 4th.
Some Abuja residents, however, received the order from the President with mixed feelings following the high rate of deaths recorded globally as a result of COVID-19 pandemic.
An Abuja resident, Mr Shola Idris advised residents who can sustain themselves without going to work to continue staying at home to reduce the spread of the virus.
“It is a dicey one for the country, for individuals and families, we are all at risk, I do understand that the government do not have a choice that is why they are easing the lockdown and the palliatives they are providing is not going round.
“So people are agitating, and the government had to let go. But for me, if I will advise people, for individuals that can still sustain themselves, I will advise they should stay at home because this is actually a serious pandemic, you can see what is happening in Kano,” Mr Idris said.
Another Abuja resident, Kelvin Ogar said those who don’t have anything serious to do in their workplaces should continue staying at home.
“There is no need to go out if there is no serious need, even the Federal government is saying that it has to be a certain level of officials that can resume work so that the offices will be congested. If it is not really very important, I think we just have to stay back at home.
“If you don’t have a private car, and the public drivers are not willing to obey social distancing in their vehicles, it is advisable to stay back,” Ogar said.
Furthermore, Glory Monday expressed fear over the continued spread of the virus amidst the partial lifting of the lockdown.
She said it may be counter-productive for the government to ease the lockdown and the disease continues killing people.
Glory suggested that the lockdown be extended until a decline in the number of confirmed cases and deaths.

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