LOVE SWEET!!! Teddy A Spotted Applying Make-Up On His Wife, Bambam

Reality star, Teddy A has taken to instagram to show off his make-up skills. The father of two shared a short clip of himself beautifying his wife, Bambam.

According to him, makeup is one of the skills he is proud of. He said his wife, BamBam decided to put his skills to test and he sure did a wonderful job.
In the video which Teddy shared, he was seen applying foundation on his wife’s face while boasting about how perfect he is at the job.
“You don’t need to go to school for this. If you can draw in real life, you can do makeup. If your wife comes out after I do her makeup, if you don’t take time, she’s a gunner. I’m coming for everybody’s job,”
he said as he encouraged people to send a DM to his business page.

Watch the funny video below:-

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