MOVEMENT: Oyo State Launches Digitized Certificate Of Occupancy

The Oyo State Government has launched a digitised Certificate of Occupancy issuance platform as part of its strategy for growing the Gross Domestic Product of the state.

According to a statement issued by the Commissioner for Lands, Housing and Urban Development, Abiodun Abdu-Raheem, the processing and collection of Certificate of Occupancy has become faster, easier and affordable.
The statement said that eligible property owners without title or approved documents should take advantage of the new offer.
It added that the government would ensure that all land owners in the state acquired digitized title documents by December 2022.
The statement read in part,
“The processing and collection of Certificate of Occupancy will take only 60 days under the Oyo State Homeowners Charter scheme while government will bear the cost of survey, planning permission and all other relevant documents for applicants who do not have them under the OYHOC scheme.
“Records have shown that majority of residential landed properties in Oyo State have no registered titled documents leaving such property owners open to many risks, hence the need for the C of O.”
It added that all occupancy certificates issued under the improved OYHOC would not only be digitized for ease of authenticity confirmation, they would also be a legal instrument as any other C of O being issued by the government.

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