THIS ONE LOUD O: Local Woman Repeatedly Slap A Policeman In Eruwa, Oyo State

A woman has been caught on camera repeatedly slapping a Nigerian police officer across the face.

While the officers were parading about carrying out their duties of maintaining curfew in the state due to the pandemic.
The officers came across the woman in front of her opened small kiosk, eating and she was asked to close up, and one thing led to another and the officer landed a slap on her face as narrated by the woman in the video.

 However, the IGP, Adamu Mohammed, has reacted to the viral video and he said
“The Ewura incident thus is a classic example of unprovoked, unwarranted and unnecessary attacks faced by police officers in the course of performing their legitimate duties. The IGP, therefore, warns that this trend will no longer be tolerated by the Force.

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