7 Benefits Of Dating/Marrying A Virgin (A Must Read For All Guys)

Hello Guys,
It’s a new day and I thought I should let you all know what you have been missing dating Girls that are not virgin 😲
NOTE:- I don’t have anything against Girls that are already disvirgined, I just want to let you all know the goodies in marrying a brand new girl (sorry dating Virgin).
Below are the 7 benefits of Dating/Marrying a Virgin.
Let’s go 👇

1. No STDs

When you date a virgin, you are rest assured you are the first person entering the place, nobody was there before to have infected her with any type of Sexually transmitted disease whatsoever.
You can dive in raw without any fear of contracting any disease – but be careful, she might get pregnant 😂😂

2. Higher Chances Of Faithfulness

There is an adage that says ➺ One that has defeated fornication, can defeat adultery.
I can tell you for free that if she can keep herself till the moment you met her, there’s a heavy probability she won’t ever cheat on you forever.
Your mind will be rest assured even if you are not with her.

3. You Are Sure Your Firstborn Is Yours

30% of firstborns in Nigeria belong to other men. Paternity fraud is common with non-virgins.
After flexing and gyrating about on the street and they eventually get pregnant, they just push the pregnancy to one of their numerous boyfriends and if Baba too no sabi anything, him don marry be that 😂😂 May God help us.

4. Unique Spiritual Bond

There is a unique bond when a husband has sex with his virgin bride, especially if the man is also a virgin. The honeymoon of two virgins (virgin bride + virgin groom) is awesome.
Even God is pleased with it not to talk of you… You will just love that experience.

5. A Great Role Model For Your Kids

Having lived a life of sexual purity, she is in the best position to guide your kids in the right way.
She will know how to school them on how to remain a virgin for their future husband… You will feel her presence in the lives of your children.
On the other hand – Just image this, a Slay Queen raising your child 😂

6. Brand New Has A Special Kind Of Feeling

Who no like better thing?
Have you ever driven a brand new car (tear rubber) not Tokunbo or Nigerian used car ooo? – You will understand better.
When you buy a new car, you don’t need to fix anything, just pay and drive it home.. The movement and everything is working 100% fine since you are the first owner and not a third hand or even 10th hand owner.
The same thing applies to dating a Lady too… Virgin comes with little or no issues but you see those other ones ehn, you go fix Tyre, fix Engine, service tire before they become a little balance.

7. You Don’t Want To Hear Another Man Say ‘I Hit Her First’

If only you know how guys go about boasting to people that they disvirgined so so so Girl and all ehn…
As a guy, you won’t even want to go near a girl that’s not a Virgin at all for the rest of your life.
Just imagine a guy walk up to you – Bro, na me disvirgin your Wife 😳😳 How would you feel?
So, some guys can’t take this and they have promised themselves not to go close any lady who’s not a virgin as far as Marriage is concerned.

8. She Won’t Compare You With Others

No guy can withstand being compared to another – it breaks us down and if you want to avoid this, just get yourself a Virgin and this will never happen as she does not have any prior experience.
When you marry already drilled babes – You will hear things like “Akin is richer than you“, “If it was Mathew, he can spend 30 minutes but you na 3 minutes“.
Who wants to spend his lifetime hearing things like this?
But if you marry a virgin, her only sexual experience is the only one she is having with you. Therefore she is contented. Those who are not virgins will compare you with 100 of their exes.

The End!!

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