Check This Marijuana Lady Asap She Went To Prison As A Teenager, Now She’s A Top Lawyer Contesting For US Congress

Forty-two-year-old Haynes believes she is the change that the district needs. It should be noted that she started serving her prison term when Cooper was elected in 2013.
The black woman spent three years and 10 months in jail for a felony charge that was connected to marijuana.
After jail term, she bagged a law degree and afterward got more than six years of experience as a public defender in Nashville. She said that her experience defending people is part of what has made her a better fit for the seat.
Haynes’ problem with the law was said to have been caused by an older man she was dating when she was 19 years. The man asked her to receive a package that ended containing marijuana.
Though she was cleared of six charges, she however could not escape aiding and abetting the sale of marijuana.

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