Hey Guys Let’s Gist! For Your Wife Satisfaction, Can You Buy Dildo For Your Wife?

So many relationships have been dissolved due to a lack of sexual satisfaction.

This is a very critical topic most people don’t take very seriously.
Most guys can’t satisfy their babe sexually and they don’t see it as a bad thing, and to avoid cheating some ladies prefer to get a dildo.
What is a Dildo?

A dildo is a sex toy, intended for sexual penetration or other sexual activity during masturbation or with sex partners. Dildos can be made from a number of materials and shaped like an erect human penis.
Now imagine your girlfriend is not sexually satisfied after you have done your best to satisfy her. And she begged you to buy her a dildo.
Will You Buy It?
I was in a hit argument with my friend on this matter and he opined that he can’t buy a dildo for his wife.
There was no major reason to back up is a decision but just perceive it has a bad habit.
But I think most ladies have seen this instrument as a solution to their sexual problem instead of cheating
Guy, I will like to read your opinion about this issue.

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