Hustle Make One Small Girl No Push You Inside Water – Nigerians React After Regina Daniels Humiliated Her Staff

Nigerians have reacted to the viral video on social media which saw Nollywood actress, Regina Daniels pushing her domestic staff into a swimming pool.

The video was recorded during Regina’s baby shower the actress, while clearing the air noted that ‘pregnancy hormones’ made her overreact.
However, some Nigerians frowned at her action and blamed the actress for being unable to control her temper.
One social media user commented’
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“Hustle ooo…make one small gal wey u senior no de push u inside water”.

Immortal Joseph wrote:-

“This is another form of domestic violence, but nobody will talk because she’s a celebrity, one day when things don’t go her way, she will just stab one of her domestic worker with a knife out of anger.”

Grace wrote:-

“This could be said to be attempted murder madam regina just thank god the girl doesn’t know this in d constitution
lemme be going what do i know ?
when govt don’t want me to finsh school and know the complete story on that page of d constitution.”

Adolf wrote:-

“Pushing someone inside the pool can be tried in the law court for attempted murder in a responsible country. No excuse for that madness can she do that to her sister?”

Wesley wrote:-

“It’s happening… When u marry a kid who hasn’t got some trainings ,boom!!! This happens. Keee person own picking cus u done born . Junior witch”

Watch the video below:-

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