I Told Her I Wouldn’t Have Sex Until I’m Married, Now This Is Happening!

I met this girl when I was in 300L[my second degree though]. I’m now in 600L. How we became friends and even started dating was very funny.

After a hectic day lecture, I needed to use the ATM within the campus before going home.
There she was standing in the cue and immediately my eyes caught her, I liked her.
The next question on my mind was how to initiate conversation and to get her contact given that so many persons were on cue and it could be embarrassing if the right approach wasn’t adopted.
She is the kind of girl that will catch any guy’s attention, her height, her facial beauty, her shape, asss (lol) and all.
There was no way I could have walked up to her; she was in the company of friends and you all know how such things could be.
It seemed practically impossible for me to make that move but fortunately for me, she carried a transparent bag that housed her books and other items (she was in 100L at the time and doing some registration).
There was a hardcover notebook in that transparent bag and I could sight a phone number written on the edge of the book which I strongly believed was her number because that was the only notebook in that bag as I could see, more so, given that they just resumed lectures.
So, I quickly memorized the number (lolz) before she could finish withdrawing.
Later that day, after much rest, I called her, she picked, she was so friendly and I of course was encouraged.
She asked how I got her contact and I told her that I stole it, while she was at the ATM; she laughed softly and I could at the instance feel the lines below my eyes go wrinkled.
While we continued talking, she told me at some point that she is in a complicated relationship but I didn’t give up.
We continued to be friends. On a certain Saturday, she called that she was coming to visit me (I stay off K).
I was super excited. That day she told me that she likes me and that we can step it up from just being friends. That was how we started dating. (we actually kissed that day..lolz).
While dating, I told her several that I wouldn’t sleep with a woman who is not my wife which means I wouldn’t have sex until I’m married.
This didn’t go well with her because I realized she is the type that loves sex so much.
Many times she had got herself naked before me, seducing me and all but I wouldn’t give in. Her desire for sex is actually beyond what I can handle and if I continued in that relationship, one day I’m sure going to compromise my stand.
So I had to let her know that I wouldn’t be able to continue in the relationship, that I still have many more years to spend in school and I’m not even certain that at the end of it we were going to get married, that instead of me wasting her time, it would be better that we just put an end to the relationship while we remain just friends.
She cried, but it had to be that way because I need my wife to be proud of me and of course, heaven will stand pleased. We parted ways.
After we broke up, I didn’t hear from her again for 3 weeks, then I received a phone call from her and told me that she was pregnant and that she wanted to see me. Over the phone, I asked, “how”?
Since when?.. She was crying at the same time and I had to ask her to come to my place, so we could talk.
She came, narrated how after we broke up, got involved with another guy and that was how she became pregnant.
She wanted to go for an abortion but I advised her against such move. I asked her to call her mummy and tell her the truth, that her mum will know how best to go about the whole stuff.
I guessed she did, but her parents wouldn’t have her in the house any more because of shame and the indecent signal it may send to the other siblings.
She had to pack to the guy’s house and that was how they became husband and wife to date.
She gave birth to a son, and they are together as husband and wife till today.
The guy is a diploma holder and works in a photo studio (the guy lied to her when they first met, that he was a graduate and that he was awaiting NYSC, I’m sure it was the reason she accepted him even though I could judge that she was desperate for sex).
Even though I’m still a student but God has been faithful such that I don’t lack and everyone around me knows that I’m liberal.
She has been making requests of me, asking for financial assistance, and many times I have reached out to her.
Just yesterday, she asked that I help her with some money, that she is broke and her husband doesn’t have anything, no food for her child.
I was really touched. But is it proper that I continue doing this?
Please advise needed! I just want to avoid every form of temptation, is her husband aware that I give her money? What if this becomes an issue?

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