I’m Not Too Old To Get Married – 51 Years Old Veteran Nollywood Actress

Popular Nollywood actress Ayo Adesanya has said in a recent interview that she’s still young and energetic to get married to any man of her choice at age 51.

The actress believes that marriage is a good blessing from God but certainly not a do or die affair.
Speaking in a recent interview with “Saturday Beats”
She said:
“I don’t think it’s too late for marriage at 51. Haven’t you seen people who gave birth to babies even at 60?”
“I know a very beautiful lady that got married at the age of 50 and had her baby at 55. Things like that made me include that it is never too late to do anything. With the way life is structured, nothing is impossible.”
According to the actress, she has had bad experiences with men in the past which has forced her to be extra cautious over the years with how she deals with men.
“I am at peace with myself and I know that the peace can continue only if I see the right person. “If marriage doesn’t come, one would still live one’s life. It is not a do-or-die affair, and not everybody would get married.”
“When people get married and stay in it, I consider them lucky. These days, marriages don’t last. When one hears the things happening everywhere, getting ‘entangled’ would be scary.
People that are not married still live happily. On the other hand, some people are friends and lovers, and it works out well for them. Marriage only makes it official and strengthens the commitment.” 

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