My Fiancee Insists We Spend N500k Or Less On Our Wedding But I Want To Spend 1 Million Naira

I am a guy of 29 years old and she’s 24 years old. She is a nurse and she is working and earning a good salary.

We have been dating for the past 3 years, ever since she came into my life things have been moving forward. Between the space of three years I was able to buy a land and build two flat (almost completed) and also buy a nice car.
All this was possible because she was in my life. She assisted me with the money she accumulated before she met me, (2 million naira) gave it to me to add it to the money I was using to build the house, she has really been the best thing that has happened to me.
We both have never cheated on each other, I’m very happy having her in my life. During the period of covid 19 my business was shut down totally she was the one that sustained me Althrough and never complained.
She later resigned from her nursing work and started her own chemist shop, I supported her with 300k she rejected it and asked me to add it to the money for house project. She is making some good money from her store any way.
Now we plan to do our marriage by December and I budgeted more than 1 million naira.
the problem is that she insisted that it is too much that I should not spend more than 500k that’s been a problem to us but later settle it. because she won’t just listen to me she wants me to spend less than that the reason why I wanted to spend more than 1 million Naira was because she deserves it.
So because of that we adjusted the marriage to three months time since it’s just 500k I am spending now my question is can I spend 500k for a moderate marriage? And I wanted to do something tangible for her because she deserve more than everything I have, please what other things can I do for her that will be equivalent to everything she has done for me.
Since we have been dating she has never asked me for big money and also when ever I give her she always tells me that she gat money that no need to give her, in fact she love me so much that she don’t even accept money from me unless gift. Now I want to do something tangible for her because since I have been dating her she doesn’t allow me spent on her that much, and she doesn’t complain.

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