PLEASE HELP! The Too Much I Know About Her Previous Sex Life Is Hunting My Feelings For Her

There’s a girl in my neighborhood who I can refer to as my home sister. We’re so close. We share feelings, advice & keep nothing from one another, our love life inclusive.

She has had quite a number of relationships and got disappointed in all. I’ve had one relationship too.
There was a time I told her about my feelings towards her & she said she would have loved to accept my proposal but she couldn’t handle double-dating.
Well, I felt okay having let her know my feelings. I understood her decision & I don’t think I was ready to be kept as a spare tyre, too. We moved on with our friendship. 

We talked both clean and dirty stuff. She would even tell me anytime she felt Hot & needed to see her boyfriend for sex. In short, we are now having mixed feelings for one another. It could no longer be hidden on her face, too.
As a lady, she’s expecting me to make the first advance. Making the move is not my problem but the thoughts of some dirty talks we’ve had together.
The most worrying part was a time she got drunk with her friend at a birthday party & she mistakenly called one of her Ex-bfs (who she loved most) over & he took advantage of the moment to have his way with her again.
Though she claimed she was not sure if something really happened between them, but she noticed she had no pant on when she woke up in the morning, blablabla.
To me, the guy is not that reliable as he is into drinking & smoking. She appears too innocent to be dating such a guy & I gave my advice. She might not really disclose all that transpired at the birthday party.
I kept thinking the guy could have recorded the act, knowing well that she’s stark drunk.
What if our relationship leads to marriage & the guy begins threatening her with sex-tape or he leaks any sex tape involving her, how would I go about it? Aside her other sex life, this is most worrisome of all.
My thinking/guess may be wrong, yet I do not want to be caught unaware, to avoid stories that touch later. This is a dilemma for me. I truly love her but my happiness matters a lot.
Don’t hesitate to advise a brother.
Kindly overlook any grammatical blunders.

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