Please Sack Akpabio, Corruption Should Attract Death Penalty – Lawmaker

The House of Assembly member representing Calabar Municipality in Cross River State and former Chairman of the House committee on Judiciary, Public Petition, Public Service Matters and Conflict Resolution in the 8th assembly, Hon Efa Nyong Esua has advocated death penalty for a corrupt person.

Speaking with us via phone on Tuesday, Hon Esua regretted the incident that occurred during the probe of some Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) executives on Monday, saying that the best solution for corrupt practices is for National Assembly to enact a law that will prescribe death penalty for corrupt persons.
“The National Assembly should enact a law to the prescribed the death penalty for corrupt persons as the only way to reduce corruption in our country.
I am in Abuja and I witness what happened. It’s quite embarrassing and disappointing because NDDC was set up to favor us in the Niger Delta but the way it is going, I don’t understand.
“The place is stinking with serious corruption, nothing that somebody should be proud of. The much talked about corruption in the All Progressive Congress (APC) has been exposed, they are even more corrupt than those they have accused of being corrupt. Everybody in APC is corrupt, and we will see more” he alleged.
He said what is happening in NDDC was a result of a square peg in a round hole, saying bringing in a medical doctor to head projects department ‘whereas we have thousands of engineers is very sad. Even though the Minister, Akpabio struggled very hard to defend him, it is a terrible thing.
“When he was asked why he should bring in a medical doctor to head the projects unit, the only defense he had was that NDDC budget had 60% for health. Minister Akpabio went there to run the place and award contracts which was terrible.
On the collapsed acting Managing Director, Hon Esua said,
“In this administration, so many people have collapsed and slumped, I am not a medical doctor because I can’t understand that a man that was very strong and a medical doctor should slump like that. Why should he collapse? The thing was just a drama, there was nothing wrong with him.
“The President should overhaul the entire NDDC and restructured it while Akpabio should be suspended. Send him out first and a new competent person appointed.
When he was in Akwa Ibom, there were many killings and kidnappings and immediately he stepped out, those killings and kidnapping stopped, peace return to Akwa Ibom. He should be removed, he advised.

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