Do You Agree? Boko Haram Weak, Can’t Fight For More Than 5 Minutes – Nigerian Army Boasts

The Nigerian Army has claimed that the Boko Haram insurgents are weak, untrained and unable to sustain an onslaught against its personnel for more than five minutes.

This is just as the Army boasted of having tough, better trained, better-equipped personnel who enjoys the support of all Nigerians.
We reports that Nigerian troops have been carrying out onslaughts against the terrorists who had held the Northeastern state of Borno on a decade-old hostage.
following intensive counter-attack by Nigerian troops, major towns hitherto held hostage by the insurgents had been liberated, although pockets of attacks, ambush and bombings are still going on in the region.
Making the assertion in a pictorial posted on its Twitter handle on Wednesday under the hashtag: #Ourmilitaryiscapable, the Army suggested that its personnel are no match for the terrorists.
However, the assertion was met with mixed reactions from Nigerians.
A Twitter user, idenicezo, dismissed the Army’s claim, saying:
“Tweeter army, very shameless set of people. I hope you see your mates in Mali doing the needful to an inept government. A corruption ridden government does not need to continue.
Another user, identified as SAX, said:
“Actually poorly trained, commanders aren’t able to manage battlefields, poor decision making capability, poorly equipped, troops always needlessly exposed to danger when we have protective vehicles which are hardly made available to them. And the coas, well….terrible.
In another tweet, one Danladino Dauda said:
“Unable to fight more than five minutes” but it is taking you #TOO_LONG to #FiNiSh_Them? Does this mean that you just don’t want to #FiNiSh_Them_ALL that’s why you are #FREEING even those #CAPTURED_BH_MEMBERS?
Paul Kayo shared thus:
“Our military is capable and Boko Haram is ravaging North East hmm!!!!, you have the men deploy intelligence, air Force wipe them out, mind you collateral damage is inevitable.
Another, kim1ofAfrica, said:
“I will never understand this boko haram in Nigeria. That a group has been challenging our military for over ten years? I will not.
However, Brendan, who supported the army, said:
“Our men in kakki are resilient, agile and good to go, only our dirty, dishonest, fraudulent and selfish politicians are trying to stain the reputation of our gallant soldiers.
Never allow our sweet sweet soldiers for the dirty men in Agbada have their pig way.

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