DO YOU AGREE? – Wives Who Wear G-strings Are Unfaithful And Prostitutes

A Nigerian man with Facebook username Mpiawa Azu, has taken to the platform to advise married men about wives who wear G-strings.

Mpiawa Azu shared this opinion via a post he made in a popular Facebook group today, August 10, 2020.
According to the man, when married women who have not been wearing G-strings before start wearing them all of a sudden, it’s a sign of unfaithfulness and prostitution.
In his words, he wrote…
“Sir, once your wife start[s] wearing this ðŸ‘‡ðŸ‘‡. Chefuo ya [forget it]…Ya!! First sign of unfaithfulness and prostitution…🚶🏽Kupunti”
Some Facebook users have taken to the comments section to contribute to the topic.

See some reactions below:-

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