I Loved Her But Broke Up With Her Cause Of This (A Must Read)

Please I need your advice on this.

I got into a relationship with this girl months back she’s loyal and all that but her character.
I was beginning to find out was absurd, she doesn’t believe ladies should take care of themselves, the other day I told her my friend is getting married to his girlfriend, she was now like what is he doing for work I said he’s working in a hotel.
So she said is it that hotel work he I’ll use to take care of the lady and treat her that how much are they paying him is it 35k he’s earning mtcheww.
I told her do not despise the days of little things, she saw I was getting irritated with her then she said any way na way, m quite a person and I observe people and their behaviours a lot this isn’t the first time this is happening.
Anytime I bring up a topic about my friend or anybody she asks first what work is the person doing, the person that’s talking like this can’t even buy card 1k for herself o, the worst part yesterday I said let me question this person that’s always yabbing boys that don’t have work.
I asked about her 2 elder brothers she said they were in school, so I fired, what work is your elder brother doing she reluctantly said he’s a hustler and a student, good I asked what hustle Does he do she said she doesn’t know!! I know that her brother is jobless and doesn’t even have a job and is claiming yahoo boy, but e sweet me that at least I am giving her a taste of her own medicine.
I asked about the younger brother too she said she doesn’t know I was beginning to wonder how someone won’t know the class their sibling is in but I left it, then I asked about their age she said doesn’t know.
I knew she was lying because she knows they are old men and still in school 27 25 or so, and they have nothing doing, she still denied knowing what level they are in, you can imagine, your brothers that stay In the same house with you, after that this morning I told her I would love to kiss her, naso the babe talk tell her body is the temple of God that I can’t touch kiss or even do anything, e shock me o, so I said, you know your lips is the temple of God but it was not a temple when it was eating my chicken and ice cream with pizza e reach now e become temple abi.
Apart from that she doesn’t really take anything seriously, I can be saying something that’s bothering the relationship now, so we could settle it and not get on anyone’s nerve again she will be like ehh!
Continue saying your mind nahh, deep down I’ll be wondering if this girl can’t say something Tangible and reasonable or contribute anything for us to move forward, after all these I just used style to end the whole charade, all the bosses in the house she’s been calling me since I no wan pick should I let her back in, no sex o no even touching of breast nothing atall.

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