I’ll Quit Social Media On My Wedding, Cut Off My Friends, So I Can Enjoy My Marriage- Nigerian Lady Story

A Nigerian lady has caused a stir on social media after she revealed the action she would take once she gets married.

The lady opined that in order to enjoy her marriage, she is going to quit social media, cut off her friends, and change her contact details.
Her tweet reads ;
I will quit all social media on my wedding, before stepping my foot into my husband’s house. I will only request for WhatsApp, which I will ask him to buy me a new sim card.
This my opinion, this my choice, this how I want to live in my husband’s house inshallah.
Nigerians gave mixed reactions to the tweet. While some commended her future plan, others blatantly/sarcastically condemned the message in the tweet, see some replies below ;
Ayo wrote ;
Hell no! This is not right, Patriarchy system has conditioned you to feel you don’t need to be challenging your husband, you need to keep alot of options for your self too! Women are not born to Be submissive in marriages you are supposed to challenge men!
Benson wrote ;
Just this? Are you not supposed to handover your phone to him? Let him be picking your calls and be telling you who called you and for what.
Bashir wrote ;
This is a right decision indeed. This is how every religious and decent lady supposed to be. May Allah guide you more to the right path. May HE also make your marital life a very easy and successful one. Am very much happy for you my dear sister. Allah ya kaimu lokacin lfy.

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