PL MOTIVATIONAL TUESDAY!! 5 Things Rich People Never Do But Will Advise You To Be Doing (No. 4 Is Annoying)

The best way to learn from rich successful people is to watch what they do and not listening to what they say.

Like I said in last week’s edition of PL Motivational Tuesday, rich people are those who have money working for them while the poor people are those working for money.
If you have not gotten to that stage where money works for you, you’re still poor.
Being poor here does not mean begging on the street for food, that is extreme cases of poverty.
The rich people are those who have invested money in a business that is now bringing them big money.
In most cases, they don’t work their ass out for money, their money works for them.
You can be lazy and be still be rich, you can be hardworking and still be poor.
The truth is, we tend to glorify the rich people, we want to be like them, so there are chances that we want to be doing everything they tell us to do.
Fine!! The might have some wisdom, but the truth is most of the things that they will tell you are things they don’t do themselves thereby misleading you into a more poor state of living.

Below Are 5 Things Rich People Advise But They Never Do

1. Save Money

Don’t let this surprise you, rich people don’t save money but when you get a chance to talk to them, they will advise you to keep a money-saving culture.
It’s not their fault really, it is normal that a rich man who has plenty of money advise a poor man to save.
A rich man does not save, in fact they don’t have to save because the money is already plenty.
The rich don’t save money, they invest money. They buy assets and investments.
The only thing saving money can teach you is self-financial discipline. So, use your head!!
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2. Reduce Spending

Reducing your spending sounds like smart advice but you need to think about it differently.
Don’t get it wrong, when things are going down, it is normal to reduce your spending but the moment you turn less spending to habit, you will be appearing broke to people who are supposed to get into big business deals with you.
I have a friend who by virtue of grace earned his first million in his work and used all the money to buy a good car.
After buying the car, life changed for him and his earnings went up because people now trust him for multi-million naira deals because they feel he’s worth it already.
This is one of the reasons rich people deliberately throw lavish parties or show off their wealth in various ways, it is because they want to be at an advantage when negotiating deals with their business associates.
This is not to say, you should be doing father Christmas with money, if you’re not spending on investment, make sure you’re spending to package yourself well for bigger opportunities.

3. Get Out Of Debt

Rich people use the money to make money that is why they are not always afraid to get into more debt.
Many big businesses you see today, the initial capital might be from a loan.
I know a real Estate Developer in Lekki, who will borrow millions of Naira from banks, buy lands, and develop a series of properties from the money.
After the sales of the properties, he always accounts for multi-millionaira gains after paying bank debts with interests.
The difference is just that, poor people go into debt to purchase liabilities, like cars, phones, and other things that are valueless.
But rich people go into debt to service a realistic business with the aim of making money.

4. Go To School

The highest number of super-rich people are drop-outs. Infact, people who continue going to school after their first degrees never made into the wealthy rich people circle.
No doubt, some rich people still attend schools but they know when to drop out of school and pursue hustle in the real world because there is no school like the streets.
The bitter truth is, if you can read, write, speak and have needed skills in whatever you love to do, I think you’ve had enough school.
Get into the real world, make mistakes and keep improving.

5. Diversify

Rich people put their money in what they understand and guard it with armoured tank.
You won’t see any rich man put money in a business he doesn’t understand or have reasonable control over.
Rich people in the Oil business, don’t do real estate unless they are buying their own home.
This how rich people are, they believe so much in what they know and you won’t see them jumping around every new business idea but because they know you are not deeply rooted in a certain area, they will advise you to diversify.

In Conclusion

If you want to be rich, don’t do what rich people say. Instead, watch what they do.
Study their life stories. Look for the moments they made a big leap and see what they did and how they did it. This will tell you about the actual steps they took to the top.

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