Please Advise Me If I Can Change My Surname To His, He Will Fly Me Over To The UK

Real quick!

I have an uncle in the UK who is a citizen, and he assured me that if I can change my surname to his, he will fly me over to the UK.
I’m a 300L student studying economics here in Nigeria, and my name is Dayo Ige ( This is the name I have in all my documents) and the surname my uncle want me to change to is ‘Richard’ so after changing my name it will look like this “Dayo Richard”.
I want to apply for a change of name (to address the surname)
After doing the change of name I want to also apply for my National Identification Registration with (NIMC) which definitely I will have to do a new Birth Certificate with my new name.
Now my problem is this, will the change of surname affect my travelling documents if I want to apply for a visa, since the surname I have on my academic documents is different from my new surname?
What do you think I can do to balance everything?

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