Please Call Gov El Rufai To Order – Shiites Members Reacts Over Killing Of Member By Police

Islamic Movement in Nigeria on Monday, claimed that armed policemen opened fire on its members and killed two persons during a procession on Sunday.

In a statement on Monday, President media forum of the group, Ibrahim Musa said, “policemen today opened fire in Zaria and Kaduna on religious mourners soon after completing this year’s Ashura processions (A religious rite held by Shiites globally on the 10th of Muharram Islamic calendar).
According to the statement,
“As a consequence of these unprovoked attacks, two people in Kaduna lost their lives while many others were injured in both Kaduna and Zaria.”
“Undoubtedly, these Policemen are taking direct orders of Kaduna State Governor, who also was responsible for a similar attack in Kaduna only a week earlier, which resulted in the death of two people and torching of many houses and vehicles by the rampaging Policemen.
“Besides, similar Ashura processions were held today in major towns and cities across Nigeria including some southern states without any incident.
“Only in Zaria and Kaduna was brutality and violence meted on the peaceful mourners.
“A number of arrests were also made by the murderous troops of Kaduna state governor, Elrufai.” The statement said
The Islamic Movement has now called on all well-meaning Nigerians and the International community to call El Rufai to order to force him to desist from a further spill of innocent Shiites blood.

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