PLEASE HELP! I Had Sex With Her The Same Day I Met Her And She’s Asking For This (Read More)

It’s this girl I met at a club house in February before the lockdown started…

You know the normal club parole now.
My fellow real niggars in the house.
So I took her, even when I went to meet her orientation was different like mere seeing her you will know this one is a novice.
I took her for the night like wetin concern man, na make man knack now.. After we had sex … She was a virgin
She told me thereafter that in their family they must marry any man that disvirgin them unless evil will befall them…
You know now, I was like why will I marry a club girl.
She told me that she wasn’t a club girl that she’s from a wealthy home she just came to flirt with her friend since she always stayed indoor always..
That its her first time… I really confirmed it.
I told her I was gonna give her the reply after the lockdown, I am just using the lockdown to cover face.
Although we still talk online … Please adult in the house advise me.
No insult please

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